The Brackets Club is a nonprofit organization dedicated to members of the freelancer community. We collect monetary donations to aid members in need during times of hardship.

Freelancers supporting freelancers.

Our goal is to positively impact the lives of freelancers and their families who are unable afford healthcare or insurance. Freelancers are the future of work and we all need to come together to support each other.

The Brackets Club is run completely by volunteers so every donation goes directly to someone in need.


The Brackets Club, Inc, is a nonprofit organization, formed to aid our global community of freelancers. All over the world are some of the most talented, self-employed people that may need the support and generosity of The Brackets Club in times of tragedy. Through the giving of in-kind donations, monetary gifts, and sponsorships, The Brackets Club can provide immediate assistance for freelancers in their time of need; be it a death in the family, health complications, or other hardships they may face. 

Our vision is to lift up someone in their time of need with monetary relief for unforeseen catastrophes. Every dollar raised from supporters of The Brackets Club will be going to a seasoned self-employed individual and their family for support.


The Brackets Club’s mission is to provide our future of work, digital nomads, with disaster relief monetary support and will serve all self-employed, full time freelancers across the globe who may need it. 

There is a global community of freelancers who do not benefit from a full time company with health benefits, insurance, or even colleagues around them. Without the culture and security of working for a corporation as a full-time employee, freelancers are typically on their own, and now we can bridge that gap with The Brackets Club. 

Until governments and organizations can come up with a proper plan to support freelancers and gig workers to provide them with affordable benefits, The Brackets Club will grow to be an invaluable addition in this industry.