Become a Brackets Club Member

Become a Brackets Club Member

Join us!

The Brackets Club (TBC) is your go to spot to connect with like-minded folks, support freelancers, and just have some fun. 

To join the TBC, you must donate to the organization a fee of $30 per year through our Fundly campaign. All TBC fees raised go directly into the hands of freelancers in need.

Perks of the Club include:

  • Access to the private Slack group with TBC members
  • Access to quarterly events for networking
  • Access to new opportunities for earning
  • Access to getting funding through TBC in times of need

Once you have filled out the form and your donation is confirmed, you’ll receive your Slack invitation.

Please find the terms of joining TBC here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’ve already donated $30 or more to TBC?

If you have donated to TBC since its inception, you are automatically in then! Just fill out the form so we can confirm your details.

How long is membership for?

It is a yearly membership with a yearly membership fee.

Why should I join TBC?

We are a fun group of folks from all different communities with many things in common such as: we are fiercely competitive, incredibly supportive, we have a desire to learn and grow, and are passionate about community and freelancing. Most importantly, we help one another be it financially or through friendship and care. TBC was founded by Jessie D’Amato Ford, former longtime community manager at Topcoder who truly cares about the crowd. Join Jessie and all your friends to connect and help one another.

What if I’m not a full time freelancer? Can I still join?

Yes! TBC is open to all with a focus on freelancers or folks from other freelancing type communities but we welcome all who want to be a member.

Have other questions? Email us.