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The Brackets Club is a nonprofit organization dedicated to members of the freelancer community. We collect monetary donations to aid members in need during times of hardship.

Freelancers supporting freelancers.

Our goal is to positively impact the lives of freelancers and their families who are unable afford healthcare or insurance. Freelancers are the future of work and we all need to come together to support each other.

The Brackets Club is run completely by volunteers so every donation goes directly to someone in need.


The Brackets Club, Inc, is a nonprofit organization, formed to aid our global community of freelancers. All over the world are some of the most talented, self-employed people that may need the support and generosity of The Brackets Club in times of tragedy. Through the giving of in-kind donations, monetary gifts, and sponsorships, The Brackets Club can provide immediate assistance for freelancers in their time of need; be it a death in the family, health complications, or other hardships they may face. 

Our vision is to lift up someone in their time of need with monetary relief for unforeseen catastrophes. Every dollar raised from supporters of The Brackets Club will be going to a seasoned self-employed individual and their family for support.


The Brackets Club’s mission is to provide our future of work, digital nomads, with disaster relief monetary support and will serve all self-employed, full time freelancers across the globe who may need it. 

There is a global community of freelancers who do not benefit from a full time company with health benefits, insurance, or even colleagues around them. Without the culture and security of working for a corporation as a full-time employee, freelancers are typically on their own, and now we can bridge that gap with The Brackets Club. 

Until governments and organizations can come up with a proper plan to support freelancers and gig workers to provide them with affordable benefits, The Brackets Club will grow to be an invaluable addition in this industry.



Get Involved

The best way to get involved in The Brackets Club is to donate to our Fundly fundraiser. By donating whatever monetary amount that is within your means, you’re pledging your support to individuals in need. We also would love if you could share our mission with your friends.

Why Donate


Who is Eligible for
The Brackets Club Support

The Brackets Club supports freelancers that are part of any online community or freelancer marketplace and can prove their eligibility. Eligibility will be determined on a case by case basis.


  • Freelancer who is an active member of an online community or freelance marketplace.
  • Working as part of a freelancers community for a minimum of 2 years prior to application.
  • A freelancer with a dire need for support due to sudden illness, death, or other tragedy.

Not Eligible

  • Someone with corporate or individual health benefits and insurance.
  • Any full time employee.
  • Freelancer looking for extra income.


How Does it Work

Are you a member of a freelancer community or marketplace needing help? Do you know a fellow freelancer in need?
These steps to apply for aid from The Brackets Club. All nominations will be thoroughly vetted prior to getting funding.

Fill the Form

Fill out The Brackets Club application form in its entirety. If there is any missing information on the application, it will not be reviewed.

The Application is Reviewed

The application will be reviewed by The Brackets Club and upon approval will follow up for supporting documents from the person nominated. Both the nominee and person who nominates will hear via email once the application process is complete.

Donation is Sent

Once the application process is completed, the amount of donation is confirmed and sent off to the recipient.

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?

With Donations

Are you already a freelancer who is in a needy situations?
We can help with donations.

Starting as Freelancer

Did you decide that freelancing is for you, but don’t know where to start? We can help guiding you.


You are already on your path but don’t know how to improve? we have experts in tech area that can mentor.


Who We Are


Jessie D’Amato Ford

Jessie D’Amato Ford is a community, marketing, event, & content professional with over 18 years of experience excelling in building global communities, leading brand and marketing initiatives, and running global events. Jessie is also an Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing expert. She currently is the Director of Community Innovation at HeroX.

In 2021, Jessie started The Brackets Club, a nonprofit organization to aid community freelancers in need. As the Founder of this nonprofit, she’s collecting funding from industry leaders and individuals for financial support during tragedy for community freelancers without access to health benefits or insurance.

Jessie works from her home office on the shoreline of Connecticut with her husband and two children. She has the pleasure and chaos of being a busy working mom and writer on top of her career at HeroX and The Brackets Club.

The Brackets Club Volunteers

Korie Witcraft
James Marquez
Daniela P.
Harshit Mehta


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