Tips and Tricks for newbie freelancers

The image that first comes to mind when we think of freelancing is a laptop by the beach. Of course freelancing gives you the freedom to work from anywhere and  choose your own hours. But to get to that point we need to put in some hard work. Here are a few tips on how to get there.

Do not give up: You will need to build up your portfolio gig by gig. It will be difficult in the beginning when you don’t have any experience or testimonials. But do not give up. Your freelancing career will take off when you keep at it. Keep applying for jobs, and do your best in each of the jobs and finally you will have an impressive portfolio.

Learn something from each gig: There is always something new to learn. From each gig take away some knowledge. It could be learning to use a new tool or technique or learning how to handle an indecisive client. Make a note of things that you could do better in your future gigs. This helps you to continuously improve yourself.

Building trust: Trust is a very important factor in the freelancing world. The most successful freelancers are those who have a trusted network of clients. Being professional builds trust with your clients. 

To do that

  • Consider each and every gig as your most important work, however small it may be. 
  • Always deliver your work on time.
  • Always make sure your work is of the best quality

Do not pass up on any opportunity: This is especially true in freelancing and especially true when you are staring out. As a newbie, take up all the opportunities that you can get. Do not hesitate to learn new technologies. Do not hesitate because the work may be small. Do not underestimate what one impressed client can do and what future opportunities they may bring. 

Remember that you can choose whom to work with: The customer is not always right. There may be people who are not professional and you can avoid working with them. You must respect and value your time and work. But always give a proper response with a reason to reject any work.