Anastasii Thriving in Switzerland

Anastasii, an upcoming programmer, left Kharkiv, Ukraine and we are grateful she is safe and thriving. With the help of our amazing folks who support The Brackets Club, Anastasii is able to rebuild.

I left Kharkov on the 6th day of the war, took documents, a laptop and a phone with me. I didn’t take things because I saw that in Lvov many people threw away their suitcases because they couldn’t fit on trains. I got to Warsaw relatively quickly in 38 hours (I was lucky, as many traveled 3-5 days). In Warsaw, they put me in a hostel and provided me with food. But due to the fact that a lot of people came, it was necessary to go further. I was not prepared mentally or financially for war. I was registered at Topcoder and purely by chance stumbled upon The Brackets Club community.

I decided to write to Jessie asking for help, she responded quickly enough and was able to help me financially. Thanks to this, I was able to buy a ticket to Zurich, the necessary things for the first time. I was able to stretch the remaining amount until I got S status in Switzerland. I am very grateful to the donors at The Brackets Club for your donations and help. I don’t know how I would have managed without this help, thank you.


The war is far from over in Ukraine and at The Brackets Club, your donation goes right in the hands of people who need it. Thank you from all of us at The Brackets Club.