Welcome to The Brackets Club: Support for Our Freelancer Community

There is nothing more satisfying to me than helping others. We all have a gift we can share; whether it is a talent, financial means, or something else, sharing that gift can mean the world to someone else. However, the mere notion of sharing is what I love the best.

Sixteen years ago, I joined a community of people who changed my life. They taught me the power of hard work, the importance of perseverance and never hesitated to thank me for how I helped them along the way. In truth, it was them who helped to open my eyes to the whole world. I was able to step outside my comfort zone of small-town Connecticut, USA, and truly learn how the world works.

My goal for the longest time was to do something that truly mattered. I figured I’d join a nonprofit organization at some point during my career to push the limits of how I could help. Unable to leave my fantastic community behind, I knew whatever it was that I did, it had to help them, so The Brackets Club was born.

It became evident how unique my freelancer community was because of the way they supported each other. During times of highs and lows, they rallied together to help. Many dear friendships and even some love stories have come about during my tenure because of that camaraderie. They simply wanted to help each other, and that alone was powerful. As we lost a few community members, it was clear that I needed to find a way to give them an authentic way to help monetarily.

My mom, truly an angel to those that know her, was part of an organization at her school – a straightforward concept of collecting money from the staff so when someone had a baby, got married, or had a tragedy, the group could gift them something.

The Brackets Club is that group of people who support each other in times of tragedy. It is how those in our freelancer community can give to others because the need is there.

Until governments and organizations can develop a proper plan to support freelancers and gig workers to provide them with affordable benefits, an initiative is needed to help the current ones. 

The Brackets Club’s mission is to provide our future work, digital nomads, with disaster relief monetary support and serve freelancers of communities across the globe who may need it. 

When you donate to The Brackets Club, you’re ensuring support to an incredibly talented individual and their families, who may not have the opportunity to get affordable healthcare or life insurance.

My dream has come true today as I announce the beginning of The Brackets Club. I know that we can make a difference in the lives of some of the most amazing people across our world. 

Giving is good. But knowing the gift you provide can be life-changing, makes it even more special. 

Find it in your hearts to help support our growing, global freelancer community, and don’t ever take for granted the opportunities you have that they may not. 

My sincere thanks for learning about The Brackets Club. Thank you to our amazing volunteers who helped bring this dream to fruition. I could haven’t gotten to today without Daniela, James, Korie, and Harshit.

Please donate.