Happy Birthday to The Brackets Club!

One year ago, I launched this nonprofit organization for a number of reasons. 

  1. I always wanted to work for a nonprofit.
  2. I wanted to give freelance community members the ability to help each other.
  3. I genuinely wanted to make a difference in our world.

My husband thought I was crazy because of how busy I already was. My parents were proud but didn’t truly understand it at the time. My daughter was amazingly inspired.

I did this with good people. Good people like…

Korie Witcraft who helps with all the finances when my head is spinning. 

Like James Marquez who volunteers his time for all this wonderful website work. 

Like Daniela P who shares her amazing advice and design skills with me every day. Proud to have her as part of our Board of Directors.

Like Adam Morehead who cares just as much as I do for the freelance community members we’re always trying to help as part of our Board of Directors.

Like Harshit Mehta, my brother from another mother, who is always able to lend a helping hand no matter the day or time in his area.

Good people like all the amazing folks who believed in our mission and took time to donate this past year. Wonderful people. Incredible people. Thank you.

Our first year, we started building towards growing this foundation and a community to help support it. We hosted two scholarship opportunities and hope to do more this year.

We have banded together since this current conflict in Ukraine to drive donations and send money directly to community freelancers in need. I’m sad with what’s going on but incredibly grateful we can help. We can truly make a difference in someone’s life. There is no greater birthday present than that. 

I look forward to continuing to build The Brackets Club community so our freelance community members not only get financial aid in their time of need but they can connect with others as well.

Thank you again for your incredible generosity and for helping me fulfill our dreams for The Brackets Club. Thinking of you, gh3ablo.