The Brackets Club First Scholarship Winner

As part of Design Month at Topcoder, The Brackets Club sponsored a scholarship opportunity for a deserving community member. We are pleased to announce that the first scholarship from The Brackets Club has been awarded to Hariom, [ Hari_Om_Pandey ], from Dehli, India.

Hariom has been awarded the $1,000 scholarship to help with his education fees. 

We would love to share some more about Hariom in his own words.

I’m CSE undergraduate student from India. I chose CSE because I’ve always been interested in computers. I joined Topcoder in December of 2018. I’m a UI/UX designer. I’m working hard to achieve my dreams.

I believe I deserved this scholarship because it will help me achieve my long-term goals. By furthering my education so I can work towards my career goals. I aim to make a difference in my community, and this scholarship will absolutely be the difference-maker when it comes to affording the education I need to do that.

It means so much to me and I find it hard to express my gratitude. Receiving this scholarship has greatly reduced the financial burden of mine, given me peace of mind, and will allow me to continue to pursue dreams.

I am so proud to have given our first scholarship to Hariom and look forward to him reaching his dreams. Thank you for continuing to support The Brackets Club.